Become a Driving Instructor

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Become a Driving Instructor

Have you just been made redundant. Do you wish to use your redundancy money to train for a change of direction?

So, you want to become a Driving Instructor (ADI)

We do not offer training to become an ADI, however we ask you to BEWARE OF PROMISES from larger organisations in relation to this. Typically the following is the reality.

  • Training costs alone, are approximately 4,000

  • Statistically over half will fail to pass the Theory Test, lose their training fees and be back to square One

  • 60% of the survivors will fail to pass their Advanced Driving Test

  • 70% of those left will fail to pass the Instructional Test.

This would appear to be grim reading against the 'PROMISE' of 40,000+ earnings predicted in the adverts.

Obviously you may be one of the 'Lucky' 5% who make it, but think carefully before you invest your hard earned savings.

Should you still wish to go ahead, research the area for the best training option, and source your catchment area. If you pass, we wish you well with your new career.


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