How many driving lessons will I need?

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How many Driving lessons will I need?

Many people fail their driving test...  
Are you ready?

Research shows that learners who have had about forty hours professional tuition plus plenty of practice, stand the best chance of passing. In our experience this is normally possible at around 35 hours, rising above 40 hours for the older pupils.

If you’re not getting it right all the time without your instructor’s help then you’re not ready to take your test.
The current pass rate is only 43% (How prepared were they?)
For first time candidates, it’s even lower.
At Buckle-up School of Motoring we are happy to provide lessons lasting 1 hour. Longer lessons are always welcomed, although not insisted upon (Unlike with other Schools). Lessons are usually conducted on local roads, where you will not have to drive for around 20 minutes to get to the Test area, and 20 minutes back again afterwards. Driving around the chosen Test area, is usually only carried out when the pupil is nearing the Test date. The lesson progress is always however open to discussion and agreement, between the Instructor & pupil.
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