Why do People Fail their Driving Test?
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Why do people fail their test?

Most people fail their driving test...  
Are you ready?

Research shows that learners who have had about forty hours professional tuition plus plenty of practice, stand the best chance of passing.

If you’re not getting it right all the time without your instructor’s help then you’re not ready to take your test.

The current pass rate is only 43%

For first time candidates, it’s even lower.

To help you avoid the most common pitfalls, here is a list of the top ten reasons why people fail...

Observation at junctions
Ineffective observation and judgement
Reverse parking
Ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy
Use of mirrors
Not checking or not acting on the information
Reversing around a corner
Ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy
Incorrect use of signals
Not cancelling or giving misleading signals
Moving away safely
Ineffective observation
Incorrect positioning on the road
At roundabouts or on bends
Lack of steering control
Steering too early or leaving it too late
Incorrect positioning to turn right
At junctions and in one way street
Inappropriate speed
Travelling too slowly or being hesitant

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